Holidays & Special Occasions

We offer custom arrangements for just about any occasion, including holiday celebrations, birthdays, weddings, corporate events, baby and bridal showers. You can also order lovely snacks for yourself to indulge in personally that are only to be shared if you can stand to part with something so delicious.

Business Gifts/Corporate Events

Good business people recognize that small gestures go a long way towards building and maintaining strong, long-term relationships. That’s why we work with several companies around the country who like to provide their business partners, conference attendees, staff and corporate guests with a high-end, memorable gift that will be very much appreciated and long remembered.
Some of our corporate clients include 19 Local San Diego Breweries, Harley Davidson, San Diego Community Health Improvement Partners (SDCHIP), The Encore Café at Lamb's Players Theatre, Horton Grand Theatre, Spreckles, Hotel Del, Agave Coffee & Café, Suzie’s Farms, the Eastlake Cycling Team, Dunham & Associates, Toyota Puerto Rico, Movement Mortgage, Keller Williams, Investment Counsel, Inc., EPIC Fighting and The Estancia La Jolla Hotel & Spa, and Rancho Bernardo Inn. Many more...

Custom Pairings/Catering

We specialize in crafting artisan chocolates for vineyards, breweries, coffee houses, and restaurants that are designed to complement the flavor profile of a specific wine, beer, coffee or menu item. We also serve restaurants by providing a distinctive and unusual dessert option, and our epicurean ice cream is coming soon!
We also accommodate catering requests and will work together with you to create an unforgettable line-up of rustic crafted chocolates to meet your catering needs. Just call or email us to discuss your event.