Chef Lora Davis is best known for the uniquely refined gourmet flavor combinations she has created using only the finest organic chocolate. Having started making chocolates with her mom at the age of five, Lora is a second-generation Chocolatier, with over 30 years of experience.

Lora opened Its Myne with the dream of sharing her custom creations with the world, which is why a portion of the proceeds from every piece of chocolate that she sells goes to various children's charities. Her larger mission in life is to play her part in healing the world…one chocolate at a time.

In addition to accommodating personalized orders and specialized catering events, Lora has worked with vineyards, breweries and restaurants to design and pair artisan chocolates to perfectly match the flavor profiles of any wine, beer or menu item. She has also worked in the Arts, providing custom-designed chocolates that have been featured in plays at Lamb’s Players Theatre as well as The Horton Grande Theatre. Since the beginning, Its Myne’s crafted chocolates have been sought out by all types of clients from breweries, health organizations, and corporations wishing to provide others with a delicious and highly memorable experience.

Lora’s goal is to build her own chocolate empire focused on sharing…hence the tag line “Sharing Optional”. She truly appreciates the customers that believe in her product and share it with their clients, families and friends. She is pleased to give back to her customers the love of making people smile through chocolate that her mother shared with her. That’s why Its Myne really is optional - the option to share.

And, because Lora believes in advocating a healthy approach to life, she focuses on sourcing organic products for use in her confections. So, not only are her creations exquisite, they are a healthy alternative to the huge corporate brands. As a result, you truly can taste the unique palate that Lora brings to each of her chocolates, and you will find that they are very delicious--and quite addictive!